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Saphira is the first company to bring the minerals of the Dead Sea to the world of hair care. The Dead Sea is rich with 26 essential minerals, twelve of which are unique to this invaluable landmark. These minerals nourish the scalp, activate circulation and enhance relaxation, repairing the hair and protecting it from stress and environmental damage.

All SUDZZfx® products are precision blended to help restore hair to its optimum state of health, maintain that health and ensure more vibrant longer lasting colour. We want you to be free of unneeded, unnecessary and potential harmful ingredients that fly in the face of that promise…and everything we believe in. No Propylene Glycol No Sodium Chloride No DEA or TEA …and we never test on animals.

Advanced 100% Vegan formulas, luxurious textures and inspiring fragrances, Snob Girls’ in-salon and home-care programs of bio-advanced nourishing systems and TruGuards* Phyto-Complexes deliver visible and radiant long lasting results.

PRAVANA'S full and complete range of continuously natural evolving hair care products includes hair color, styling, texturizing and after-color care to meet virtually every beauty need.


PRAVANA'S anti-corporate philosophy goes beyond traditional product creation by redefining personal hair care with a caring commitment towards only the highest quality brand and product precision, underscored by a responsible and altruistic eco-conscious approach, which includes biodegradable packaging, natural, non-harmful ingredients and a built in charitable contribution for every purchase made.

We embrace your passion for beautiful hair. We believe that only together we can reach new heights by achieving creative excellence, outstanding client satisfaction and salon success.

Our premium quality keratin is extracted from the shorn wool of sheep organically raised in New Zealand, and is free from any disease related substances. This unique form of keratin is virtually a “liquid form of hair.”Marcia’s five proprietary keratin formulas gently condition and repair hair, restoring manageability, strength, and luster.

Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish revolutionized the industry. Gelish was the first gel polish to be packaged in a bottle, with a brush, as a quick, easy and efficient gel application process. Since 2009, Gelish has produced over 100 colors and counting, and sold in over 80 countries worldwide.

Instantly Ageless

OMG! By Instantly Ageless™ is a revolutionary cosmeceutical serum that works within minutes to temporarily reverse the signs of aging. Within minutes lines and wrinkles are greatly diminished and puffy eyes (bags) reduced dramatically. The transformation is nothing short of a miracle making you look younger and healthier within minutes.

All the products, tools, gels and tips in the world mean nothing if you're not completely comfortable using them. That's why our customer service and the relationships we have with our nail techs are, truly, the most important things we do at Young Nails.

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